My Dad Changed My Life

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Dad began to heal. He was still weak, but he was doing better than he did before. Dad was smart. He knew something was up. He grew depressed, drowning his depression in alcohol. He drank everyday. He called Mom vile names. He was violent and cruel. He wasn 't how a father should be, with telling me of what a “slut” my mother was. My heart broke at the words.
The second day that I realized that I lost my mother was when she turned to pills. She would take a lot of them, becoming sick of Dad screaming at her. I remember her eyes drooping, her passing out. The pain I felt was unbearable. To watch her have the pills control her life sickened me. It made me feel sick.
Mom filed for a divorce. Dad didn 't like that. One time, Mom got home late. Dad
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She took so much that she would fall asleep. If she was up, she was passing out. I remember having her come to social events at school. She 'd pass out, too high to stay awake. She was also too worried of her boyfriend and she began to fight with him constantly. She was too high on pills that she ruined my birthday. She and her boyfriend ruined Christmas by fighting. New Years was ruined, because she got drunk and believed Dad was still alive. I soon became afraid that she would take too much pills or drink too much. I was afraid I would find her dead on the couch, cold and lifeless. I would then be an …show more content…
I forgive him for the porn, him ignoring us, him not being a father and showing love, him cheating on my mom, him scaring me and my siblings, and him hurting me and my siblings.
I stand here before you today to tell you that I forgive my mom. My mother is trying now. She has changed. The pills are not a part of her life. She got help. She is now strong. I forgive her for cheating on my dad, for abusing pills, for not protecting me, for forcing me to grow up way too quickly, for choosing a man over me, and for hurting me and my siblings.
I stand here before each of you to tell you that I forgive myself. I forgive myself for hating my parents, for being harsh, hiding the real me, pushing my mom away from me, fighting with people, and pulling myself away from someone who has always loved me: God.
Like I said before, forgiving is hard. But when you take that step you feel free. Your burden is taken off your shoulders. The mask disappears, the sins disappears, and you appear.
I will never forget what I went through, but that is okay. Just because you remember doesn 't make you weak. When you are weak, you are at your

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