Essay on Ford Motor Company Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map

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Ford Motor Company Balanced Scorecard
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Soon after, the company started to face higher turnover rates among its workforce and in effort to stop the bleeding and loss of talent, explicit rewards and salary increases were used as a retention tool.

By the 1920’s, Ford began construction of a massive industrial complex in Detroit, Michigan (3). Simultaneously, two other large automobile manufacturing companies were moving into the same Detroit neighborhood causing Michigan’s economy to thrive swiftly. The two automakers were General Motors and Chrysler, and combined with Ford Motor Company, they became known as Detroit’s Big Three.

Ford Motor Company prevailed the Great Depression of the 1930’s and was considered to be an established company. However, the Global Recession in 2008 demonstrated to be a superior rival to the Ford Motor Company, almost driving them into bankruptcy. Ford’s “Big Three” competitors, Chrysler and General Motor faced imminent bankruptcy by 2009. In an effort by the United States, to avoid even larger unemployment rates and a deeper recession, our government granted Chrysler and General Motor with emergency bailout loans.

Fortunately, prior to the recession and economy downturn, Ford had obtained a considerably sizeable Line of Credit in 2007, a lifeline that allowed the company to stay afloat without turning to the government for assistance.
In present day, the company has implemented fuel efficient technologies to meet consumer demands,

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