Ford Kga Case Study

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1. This announcement has been made to warn Ford Kuga 1.6 owners that their cars could be a danger to their safety and that they should take their car to a dealer as soon as possible to sort out this problem.
2.1. The National Consumer Commission is the regulator of consumer business interaction in South Africa. They ensure the economic welfare of consumers and they promote a fair market place for consumer products.
2.2. To ensure that consumers are receiving safe and good quality products and that there must be a disclosure of information.
2.3. Mr Ebrahim Mahomed.
2.5. Building C – South African Bureau of Standards, 1 Dr. Lategen Road Pretoria.
3. You can expect to pat between R 170 000 and R 180 000 for
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One implication for Ford Kuga owner’s is that the value of these cars is likely to of dropped due to this recall. This means selling a ford Kuga 1.6 is unlikely to be profitable. There should also be an increasing number of Ford Kuga’s with the same issues, this will result in more claims which would increase insurance premiums on this type of insurance. Commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed say:“ The primary concern of the National Consumer Commission with the Ford Kuga is the safety and well-being of every customer. A product that poses any risk to our consumers does not have a place in our market place. Some owners of the Ford Kuga 1.6 said that some dealerships were unprepared to deal with the incidents happening with it. One Ford Kuga owner told the Sunday Times that when he attempted to trade in is Ford Kuga 1.6, he was told by Eastern Cape Motors where he tried to trade in the car, that we would get nothing for it.
6. Yes as Ford Kuga could be a risk to their safety. It can cause huge financial problems with Ford Kuga cars. By the NCC forcing Ford to recall the car, this can reduce less damages, Ford Kuga owners can become more aware of this problem and sort out the problem by letting their dealerships and insurance companies know before something happens to their car and to their safety. It can also let Ford dealerships know the problems experienced with the Ford Kuga so they can be prepared to take in peoples cars with damage or people trade in their cars before the risk
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However when I found out about the problems and difficulties Ford was facing with the particular car I have, I would rather be safe than sorry and trade my car in before any serious damage occurs and having the risk of myself losing a lot of money, but when I went to the dealership they said I would get nothing for my car and that if there was a problem they would not fix it. I was extremely dissatisfied and so I could not do anything so I carried on using my car to get around with the possible risk of it catching alight and unlucky for me it did exactly that. I now have burns on my body, no car to use and I am sitting with huge financial losses due to this

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