Food Culture And Its Impact On The Modern World Essay

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Throughout history, a variety of foods have allowed the modern world to gain a historical understanding on the big history and world history of our modern world. The Sichuan cuisine originating from China is a great example showing the impact of food culture and identity in our current society. The Sichuan pepper, is called huajiao in Chinese, meaning flower pepper, and the Sichuan cuisine is undisputedly the most popular cuisine known to China to this current date. Through evaluating the big history of Asia as a whole, we are able to appreciate that it is known for its rich culture and exotic foods, including the Sichuan cuisine. However, this would not exist if it did not have the big history that it has gone through. Hongjie Wang’s, “Hot Peppers, Sichuan Cuisine and the Revolutions in Modern China”, argues that the Sichuan cuisine has played a large influence on agriculture, Agrarian civilisations, exchange networks, cultural identity and the Chinese Revolutions present in the twentieth century. This essay argues for a variety of elements discussed in Wang’s written piece, including the Sichuan cuisine and its association with agriculture, the role of exchange networks and their ability to disseminate Sichuan peppers and introduce hot peppers from other regions, and the effect of hot peppers on Chinese Revolutions throughout the twentieth century.

In the written piece composed by Hongjie Wang, “Hot Peppers, Sichuan Cuisine and the Revolutions in Modern China” a variety…

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