Effects Of Fast Food In America

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Fast Food in China, Canada, and America

The McDonald’s arch is more recognizable than the Christian cross. Fast food has greatly impacted the society we live in, to the point of a logo being more recognizable than the symbol of the world’s largest religion. Fast food is immensely popular and is consumed by some people on a daily basis, and as a result obesity rates are beginning to increase. Fast food and its connection to obesity is a serious problem in China, Canada, and America. China has the greatest population out of any country, with 1,355,692,576 people taking residence there. As a result, fast food restaurants are everywhere in China. According to Foodtank, “KFC boasted 4,260 [restaurant] locations [in China] in only
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Canada, as it turns out, indeed has a problem with fast food and obesity. Although, it is not as serious of an issue as it is in China and America, it remains a problem Canada. As fast food becomes more accessible to the Canadian public, obesity rates increase. In fact, there is evidence of a correlation between the density of fast food restaurants in a city and that city’s obesity rate. In a study done by health economics professor Sean Cash, cities in Canada with a sparse amount of fast food restaurants had lower occurrences of obesity.[4] As shown in the graph, Canada does not have as much of a problem with obesity in comparison to other countries. However, fast food in Canada has been shown to cause other health problems; it has been proven that Canada’s fast food is some of the saltiest in the …show more content…
After the completion of the experiment, the researchers found that Canada was at the top of the lists in terms of salt content in some types of fast food.[5] The reason why having extremely salty food is not a healthy hung is because salt contains sodium. Sodium is a vital substance that is needed for the body to run properly, but too much sodium can cause health issues. Increased amounts of sodium in the body can lead to high blood pressure and even heart disease. If Canada wants to become a healthier country, it needs to cut down on the salt content in its far

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