Fast Food And Obesity Rates

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Many people question if fast food restaurants are responsible for rising obesity rates. Fast food restaurants are partially responsible for the rise in obesity rates. The food that fast food restaurants serve is extremely unhealthy but easily accessible and cheap and this is what attracts people to consume large amounts of it. These large amounts of consumption of these foods play a large factor in why obesity rates are rising. Based on rising obesity rates and consumption patterns, there is a clear link between fast food consumption and the rising levels of obesity. Being obese means that your body weight is much greater to what is considered healthy. Obesity is something very life threatening and a situation everyone should try to …show more content…
Fast food is especially popular among adolescents, who on average visit a fast-food outlet twice per week. A survey of 4,746 students 11 to 18 years of age reported that about 75% ate at a fast-food restaurant during the week before the survey. The same survey showed that fast-food use was associated with higher intake of fried potato, hamburger, pizza, and soft drink, and lower intake of fruits, vegetables, and milk. Fast food is high in fat and energy, and although fast-food restaurants have diversified to include a broader range of foods, hamburgers, and french fries continue to be leaders in terms of sales volume. A small order of french fries typically contains about 200 calories and 10 g of fat, and a large hamburger contains nearly 600 calories and 35 g of fat. Consequently, many people have raised concerns about the nutritional quality of fast food, not only for children and adolescents but also for adults. Previous studies have shown that despite its high-fat content, fast food provides an adequate intake of protein and carbohydrate. However, these studies have focused on the fat and energy derived from fast food and have not assessed the broader impact that fast food might have on the overall

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