The Importance Of Eating Chinese Food

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The Chinese nation has been advocating “food the first necessity of people” concept, thousands of years to create a very splendid food culture, thus it can be seen diet in Chinese mind status, therefore the Chinese will eat meal regards as the major event. I love food, I enjoy eating but now I like to research food nutrition better because I want to be a nutritionist. The reason why I loved food so much, was I have an interesting story. The story since I was a child. Life has many for the first time, pregnant with sorrow, the first is worth you cherish. I also have many for the first time, took it to cook, I put my kitchen make is a mess. When I was younger, my parents always was so busy everyday. Some time nobody cooks food for me, so cook …show more content…
In my mind, cooking is a very simple thing because my mom cooking just need a few minutes. So I start to find some materials in online. I will never know unless I research how to cook Chinese food because cook Chinese food is very difficult, there are a number of types how to cook the Chinese food. I felt headache. Today, also nobody cooks for me, my parents just gave me some money that let me buy something to eat. But I don’t want to go out, because I got sick of eating fast food. Even though It is delicious but that is too oil and unhealthy. So I tried to cook simple food Shredded Beef with Green Peppers. I was doing step by step what the video said. However, I have encountered many problems, but I always tell myself keep clam and carry on. Fortunately, this time the meal tastes good. I was so happy. I told my parents I can cook food. They were so surprised and happy. They tried my food and said we can’t believe that you can be cooking and cook very well. I felt a sense of accomplishment and it motivate me to move on to my next task. After that, I always cook food for myself or parents. But I was thinking that though Chinese food is very tasty, but some time I felt a Chinese food is too oil and spicy. After I ate it I have a stomachache. That is unhealthy. I want to make a healthy and delicious food. Every time when I ate something new food I was thinking that what kind of food eat …show more content…
When I was a high school senior, I must choose my major and apply for a collage. I want to choose my favorite major Food and nutrition. However, my mother disagrees because she thought a girl need to choose a popular major such as nurse, business, or lawyer, and I can find a good job after I graduate college. But for these majors I had no interested. I like cook food, I want to learn more about nutrition. I want to be a nutritionist. My mother strongly disagreeing my choice, and told me give up. But I don’t want to give up, I believed my mom just doesn’t understand my major if I explain carefully my decision, and my mother will understand me. I decided to cook a food for my mother and talk my dream and goal. That night, we are talk a lot. Finally, my mother compromise. Unfortunately, in China just a few collage has my major, but I don’t like these colleges. So I want to go U.S, because America has the most advanced, cutting-edge universities in the world, driving innovation in every field. Now, I came to America and chose my favorite

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