The Importance Of Eating In China

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Eating is not just meant to fill the stomach. It is an essential part of living, having food at one's disposal, being able to consume a decent amount of food, and knowing what and how to eat are all viewed as a good fortune. Chinese people believe to obtain physical as well as mental harmony and inner peace, a good meal is essential. After many difficult years of war and hunger, living standards in China are now as high as ever before and of course ingredients are also easier to obtain compared to the past. The conditions to enjoy the precious Chinese cuisines, were never better than it is today. Sesame, legumes, wheat, millet were the basic building blocks of Chinese food are the roots of the Chinese cuisines. Various other types of grain, …show more content…
Elderly people and guests are treated especially well and with respect like giving the best pieces of the food to them (mostly with their own chopsticks). Aside the chopsticks there is usually a spoon (usually ceramic spoon). Knife and fork are not used often when eating, which is surprising for westerners when arriving in China.
I remember clearly when I just arrived in china for the first time, I was very hungry and curious about Chinese food. I managed to order something by pointing to the picture on the menu. It was noodles, beef pieces and some other ingredients in it, it looked very tasty. After my order arrived my first thought was, that the cook put much emphasis and effort on the appearance of the food, which impressed me a lot, shortly after my thought ended I was desperately looking for a fork, so I could start eating, but there was none to be seen, so i thought „I am in china, i should learn the common way to
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People in China have the habit to not waste the food. There is even an old Chinese saying "waste not, want not", which expresses exactly the Chinese usage of food raw materials. Food in each region has its own unique styles. Every part of animals is used for food, so westerners might have different feelings about Chinese food such as surprise, disgust and unhappiness.
In addition to such extremes for foreigners, there are fortunately more than enough other food, which the typical foreigners likes and enjoys to eat. Chinese food is not all just dumplings and buns. There is not only "the one Chinese food". The Chinese food culture is very diverse and complex. Like mentioned above, there are many regions with their own distinctive style of cuisine.
I gave myself a goal to eat every week at least two different new meals in a Chinese restaurant. Most of the time I don't even know the names of the meals I order, sometimes I ask the waiter „ is that tasty" or „what is tasty" with my modest chinese skills, sometimes I show the picture of the food i wish to order or I let my friends recommend me something.
Some of my favorites so far are: roasted duck, zha jiang mian, Dim sum, Hainanese chicken, Fan tuan, Xiao long bao,Ningbo tang yuan and a few more of which i don't know the names of the

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