Gastronomic Philosophy Essay

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This essay discusses how gastronomic philosophy and how it impacts the modern restaurants and food businesses in a global context. The discussion involves the examination of the four following cuisines: Classical French Cuisine, Nouvelle Cuisine, Molecular Gastronomy/Modernist Cuisine, New Danish Cuisine. Various ideas, values and beliefs underpinning the foundation of each cuisine will be discussed, and how each cuisine impacts modern restaurants and food businesses in a global context.

‘Gastronomy’ comes from the Greek words of ‘gastro’, meaning stomach, and ‘nomy’, meaning rules. It is simply the rules of the stomach. “It is the reasoned comprehension of everything connected with the nourishment of men. It pertains to natural history,
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The recipe was simple: mix all ingredients needed for the ice cream, place it in a mixing bowl, and while churning the mixture at a low speed, liquid nitrogen would be poured into the mixture. It was a new method of making ice cream. Not only did Blumenthol use this new method, but he also played with flavours. He once took the flavours of chicken curry and put it in ice cream, then surveyed the public, resulting in surprised reactions and mixed feedback as to whether that flavour would work. The Molecular gastronomy trend only lasted until the mid 2000’s. It mostly featured out of the world concepts, and some would say that it focused more on the theatrics of gastronomy rather than the nutritional values of gastronomy. New Dainish Cuisine


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