Executive Summary: The World Kitchen

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Executive Summary: My restaurant ,”The World Kitchen” is an international restaurant where we do not narrow down the menu into one specific type. In other words, we will be providing traditional foods from all around the world. The main idea of my restaurant is “Keep it cheap”. We want to let Japanese people taste food from various countries, without having to go to an expensive trip. Plus, tourists can visit my restaurant as well to learn some Japanese table manners and get a rest by talking in English after getting tired of hearing all the noisy Japanese talking in the city. On this proposal, I will talk about the significance of my restaurant. Some background information, reasons why my restaurant will succeed and how it is different from …show more content…
Therefore, I decided to make 3 devices to my restaurant. The first one is to provide customers with small portions. If you serve customers with large portions, it is almost certain that they are not going to finish it up. Moreover, they might get tired of the taste. These two consequences will lead to an increase in food waste. Accordingly, I decided to provide visitors with small servings. Second, I am going to use LED lights. LED lights lasts 20 times longer than normal lights, so you will not have to buy, replace it so much. Additionally, compared to bright, powerful lights, LED lights consume 25% to 80% less energy. Hence, it is friendly to the environment and this is why I am going to use LED lights. Thirdly, if there are any leftovers, I am going to turn them into composts. As I mentioned above, I will serve the food in small portions to try and lessen the amount of food waste. However wastes such as shrimp shells and other seafood shells are inevitable since it is not edible. Thus, I decided to compost them because according to a research made by the Canadian government, shrimp, shells provide important nutrients to the soil, and actually protected potatoes from damaging fungal diseases. After I turn them into composts, since I do not have farms or grow crops, I will sell it to other farmers so that I can get profit and at the same time, reduce food

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