Food and Nutrition Essay

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1. Which water-soluble vitamins does Brian have too much or too little of? Brian’s unhealthy eating habits have caused his body to either be receiving inadequate amounts or a surplus of water-soluble vitamins. Brian is taking in to much Thiamin or Vitamin B1 because the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) is 1.2 mg/day, the Daily Intake Value for adults is 1.5 mg and he is consuming 3.18 mg. He is also taking in to much Riboflavin or B2 because he is consuming 3.29 mg, his RDA is 1.3 mg/day and his Daily Value for adults is 1.7 mg. Brian is also taking in to much Niacin or B3 because his RDA is 16 mg NE/day, the Daily Value for adults is 20 mg and he is taking in 45 mg/day. He takes in 2.41 mg of Vitamin B6, which is too much, compared to …show more content…
4. What can he do to stop his gums from bleeding so easily?
There are a few things in which Brian can do to help his gums from bleeding so easily. Bleeding from the gums is a common sign of a Vitamin C deficiency; therefore, by increasing his Vitamin C consumption can eliminate this problem. Brian can go about increasing his Vitamin C intake by including more fruits and vegetables in his diet, including a Vitamin C supplement in his diet or both. Receiving adequate amounts of nutrients through your diet is always the optimal choice, however, because of advancements in our society we now have the option of taking certain nutrient supplements. It is important that before you partake in consumption of any supplements, you consult with your family physician first.

5. How might Brian's alcohol intake be affecting his nutrition status?
Brian’s alcohol intake may be affecting his nutritional status in a number of ways. First of all, 18% of his total kcalorie intake is from alcohol. Alcohol provides virtually no healthy or useable nutrients which means 18% of Brian’s total intake is empty kcalories. Alcohol also enables you to consume the amount of nutrients that your body needs in a couple of ways such as; it displaces nutrients from the diet and interferes with the body’s metabolism of nutrients. Alcohol displaces nutrients from the body by using the empty kcalories in the alcohol before using them from nutrients because it

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