Florence Nightengale Essay

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Source 4 is an extract from The Times Newspaper published in February of 1855. It includes little information to support Florence being the main cause of the improvement of medical care, but does include information on how she supported soldiers and was seen. For example, they say that wherever there is disease, Florence nightingale is depicted as a caring nurse, on hand to help. Her ‘kindly presence’ and ‘good comfort’ sense of aura is greatly appreciated by the soldiers whilst everyone is surrounded by death and illness. The report describes her as a ‘ministering angel’, which everyone’s face softens when they see her, supporting the evidence of her helping the ill and diseased. This source does not entirely support the view that …show more content…
This source in my own is reliable, but does not fully justify that Florence was a large result for the introduction of improved medical care and that the paper in which it was published seemed more focused on the growth of her popularity, making the people of Britain believe she was the main cause of good during the Crimean War.

On the other hand, source 6 contrasts with the other two sources. It argues against the view to whether Nightingale was largely the result of improved medical care in the Crimean War. Written by Alistair Massie, as part of the Untold Stories of the Crimean War, this source is a much later published unlike source 4 which was published during the actual war. The source in which it was published too, ‘Untold Stories’ could be information which was discovered after the war had ended. It states that although Nightingale did much work to help the sick, the Sanitary Commission which arrived in March 1855 did most to reduce the mortality rate. It later states that the rate fell from 42% to 5.2% from February to May of 1855. To a degree I agree with the source. When the British government took action after discovering that ten times more soldiers were dying of diseases than battle wounds there were shocked so sent in the Sanitary Commission to aid the soldier’s of Nightingale and Seacole. They helped greatly and more soldiers were surviving from disease due to new vaccinations and the discovery of the germ

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