Flight Surgeon Research Paper

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Imagine flying thousands of feet in the air, performing open heart surgery on a patient, without the proper tools, and under a lot of pressure. Working under the pressure of successfully treating a patient is something that naval flight surgeons must face almost daily. A flight surgeon primarily practices preventive medicine. Their job consists of a balance between the practice of medicine, the profession of aviation, and the study of hyperbaric medicine. A surgeon requires several skill, some of which are leadership, communication, and thoroughness. To become a doctor, it is required to have a minimum of 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school and take part in internship and residency programs for 3-7 years depending on their specialty. They are responsible for ¨ the preoperative diagnosis of the patient, for performing the operation, and for …show more content…
Engineers, physicians, and mechanics have to collaborate and figure out the certain pressures and temperatures for each person’s individual needs based on what they want out of the treatment, age, weight and several other factors. If they all did not openly collaborate then it would be much more difficult or less effective to get the wanted result. Hyperbaric medicine is useful to cure a variety of health issues, and is crucial to a Naval Flight Surgeon because it allows them to comprehend how the air pressure can impact the health and well- being of the air

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