Essay On Surgical Errors

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Surgery is often used to address the symptoms of certain medical conditions, repair internal damage or relieve other conditions. When patients in Boston, and throughout Massachusetts, go in for such procedures, they put trust in their surgeons to use good judgment and stay focused on the surgery. However, surgical mistakes often occur, many of which are preventable.

Preventable surgical errors are commonly referred to as surgical never events. This is because it is believed that such mistakes are completely avoidable and thus, should never occur. The Boston Globe reports that there were 821 preventable errors reported by Massachusetts’ hospitals last year alone.

Preventable surgical errors

A number of surgical mistakes may be considered
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The effects that result from this type of medical malpractice may vary based on a number of factors, including a patient’s condition prior to the surgery and the type of mistake that was made. Surgical never events often lead to serious conditions, such as broken bones or infections. As a result of such mistakes, patients may need further medical treatment, which could include additional procedures.

Common causes of surgical never events

There is a number of factors, which may contribute to the occurrence of surgical never events. Poor communication between surgeons and hospital staff is a common cause of these types of errors, according to a Huffington Post report. Additionally, surgeons have a responsibility to maintain their focus while in the operating room. However, distractions may occur and lead to surgical mistakes.

Furthermore, the long hours that hospital staff and surgeons often work may lead to fatigue. As a result, surgical never events may happen. The time of day when a procedure is performed may also contribute to medical mistakes. In addition, failing to create and comply with proper safety protocols may also result in these types of

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