Does Plastic Surgery Really Boost Self Esteem? Essay

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“Does Plastic Surgery Really Boost Self-Esteem?”

There’s no question that many people are getting surgery these days. Because of pressure that society gives for people to look good and due to the negative connotation for normal aging in America, millions turn to cosmetic surgery each year. Rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast enlargements and breast reductions are the most common procedures. For the stably emotionals, who simply wants to improve their looks, cosmetic surgery can lead emotional problems. Many surgeons and psychologists agree that there are appropriate candidates for cosmetic procedures, and there are people who are not appropriate or “fit” for surgery. According to Matt Shollenberger, M.D., , there are two categories of good candidates for cosmetic surgery. The first is a person with an average self image that wants to improve or emphasize a specific area of their appearance. The second is a person that has slightly lowered self-esteem due to an obvious part of their body that they’ve tried to deal with. There are others for whom cosmetic surgery may not be a good choice. Sometimes awkwardness and shame about the way one looks can inhibit honest communication to one’s surgeon. Some examples of poor candidates for cosmetic surgery are the Idealist, the Chaotic, and the Jumper. The Idealist patient has unrealistic expectations of surgery, like the person who wants to look like a celebrity. The Chaotic patient is in a crisis and needs to be “fixed.” Most…

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