The Importance Of Plastic Surgery For Teenagers

Valerie Ulene’s article “Plastic surgery for teens” and Camille Sweeney’s article “Seeking self-esteem through surgery” are both focusing on the same two issues, that plastic surgeries for teens is a growing tendency and whether they should be permitted. The point of view in the two articles seems to be slightly different. The first article describes Valerie Ulene’s view of plastic surgeries for teenagers, that is people should draw attention to which consequences such surgeries may bring and who takes responsibility for the teenagers surgeries. Ulene believes that the main reason for teenagers to get plastic surgeries carried out is the tremendous pressure from our culture and society. Teenagers are consistently exposed to ideals of how a …show more content…
A number of plastic surgeons from the US and Australia support a prohibition of plastic surgeries for teenagers. These surgeons believe, that the teenagers should wait until their adulthood – more likely than not, because teenagers are not mature enough, that they can cope with the consequences of a plastic surgery.
On the other hand, there is also a negative opinion about a prohibition. For teenagers with a congenital disorder plastic surgeries will improve their quality of life. Such segment of teenagers a prohibition would be unfavorable compared with the other teenagers, that are just brainwashed with beauty ideals.
A second good reason about permission is, that the Government should not legislate, whether teenagers can get plastic procedures carried out or not. It is the teenagers and their parents, who decide if a plastic surgery is reasonable. Besides, plastic surgeons are highly trained and experienced specialists. As Dr. Malcolm advices in the article, the surgeons will help to determine, if the teenagers are not good candidates for plastic surgery because of physical or psychological

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