Persuasive Essay: The Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

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People need to discuss plastic surgery more and need to know all the facts that evolve this specific procedure. Why is this information and need for talk important? The reasons are endless, and the discussions will lead to new discoveries and insight that many people will never realized.
Not everyone will see the amazing, mind-blowing discoveries. They will keep the mind set that plastic surgery, the procedure to permanently or temporarily one’s physical appearance, is this and only this. They will not believe that it can do harm, and that makes logical sense. For years it has been abused by many people trying to get a look that destroys their true self. It has been misguided and not well used by more than one person and has been given a
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They think it is used as a permanent solution to get rid of a physical feature they are unhappy with. This is the case for many, especially during this modern age. Cosmetic surgery can have its benefits however, as well as its negatives, like all things. People will argue that one needs to love themselves as they are. In a way patients who do this are liars by making themselves appear more youthful. They will also say that the results will be different then from what they hoped and can make the patient depressed. Some of this is true. Although, the opposite is true as well. People expect better results than what they are hoping for, while other are happy with the results and feel more confident about …show more content…
Facial reconstruction-- a sect of the surgery-- is used to craft someone’s face back to what it was before. If a person is in an accident that leaves them disfigured, unable to use a body part like they were able to previously before the accident, or both, then procedures can be done. It can only do so much, but it can greatly help restore an individual’s face or use of a body part, remove cancerous or other disease-causing items in the body. However, there are many people that are using plastic surgery for their own gain. The misconception is that it is done with some sort of knife or needle to rearrange or inject chemicals to rearrange a facial appearance to look more appealing. This is the sect of plastic surgery called cosmetic surgery, which is another very popular name with this specific procedure in general. Cosmetic makes people think only once about it as a whole and dub it bad, although some do not support it do to the negative side effects that are

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