Persuasive Essay: The Implications Of Plastic Surgery

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The rate in which plastic surgery has increased dramatically from fifteen million to fifty five million in only four years is highly concerning. (n.d.)What will happen in the future, will it be that everyone will go under the knife? Is it even a possibility? As a matter of fact, it is, if it is not controlled. Plastic surgeons gain a load of money from every procedure they do, so why would they want to say no if they are benefitting from it. Some doctors will speak out and state their opinion; they will also refuse to do the surgery if necessary. Doctors like that must be respected and admired for their morality. Most of the patients that undergo a surgical procedure are usually hiding behind their true identity or they have insecurity problems. Instead of facing reality, they would rather go under the knife. People who are …show more content…
Rather than loving whom they are, they change their looks. Children and teenagers are having plastic surgeries to feel good about them selves and to stop getting bullied. Surprisingly, their parents encourage them or stand by their children’s decisions. Now, it needs to be fixed by higher authority doctors and doctors should not take any cases that are not alarming. Such as if a patient went to the plastic surgeon with a photo and told the surgeon make me look like her she/he should attend therapy. They need to understand that there are a lot of cases where plastic surgery has gone wrong and if it did, the only person to blame is them selves not the surgeon that preformed the operation because it was their choice in the beginning. To conclude, plastic surgeries need to be taken seriously and nothing less, it could change someone’s life to be better but also, it could result into a catastrophe. Therefore, everyone needs to remind them selves that they are unique and beautiful just the way they

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