Fresh Fruit Broken Bones Analysis

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The author uses evidence throughout the whole book from his trips and research to different parts of Mexico and the United States. This type of evidence can fall under the category of evaluating sources. The whole subject that this book contains provides evidence from a research study that the author uses to back up his claim. “My companions and I were consistently paid less than minimum wage” (Holmes, p. 82). Holmes uses his real-life experiences and research to show the audience how the migrants are really treated when crossing the border and working as berry pickers. “In addition to the comprehension of social suffering and strong social hierarchies, my embodied experiences led me to recognize the impossibility of separating research from …show more content…
When reading his writing, I sometimes found myself trailing off and not understanding when he tried explaining other people’s opinions on issues that he related to his research. For example, when Holmes talks about the issues that Abelino, Crescencio, and Bernardo face, he starts to get lost in other people’s opinions. After already explaining Michel Foucault’s view point on “’the gaze’” (Holmes, p. 114) the author goes on to talk about several other opinions from the medical world. “Stefan Hirschauer describes the ways surgery transforms everyone involved-patient, surgeon, nurse-into tools” (Holmes, p. 115). With all of these different opinions and viewpoints coming at the reader within two pages, I believe that the author can make the reader feels lost because of all the information being given at once. Abelino, Crescencio, and Bernardo all do not receive surgery so I think that this information can be eliminated from the chapter. To improve his writing, the author can cut out unnecessary details that the readers do not need to know and may get confused

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