Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies Analysis

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Lacking Cultural Competency
In the book Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies written, by Seth Holmes who has a PHD in anthropology, he writes about Triqui migrants, and how they migrate up and down the west coast of the United States. Risking their lives crossing the borders to work in US, therefore they face various obstacles and, being morbidity situations. The way the migrants are being treated in the hospitals and clinics is unreasonable the healthcare workers both in the US and Mexico lack ' ' cultural competency ' '. In the Inter professional Care Betancourt defines, Cultural competency ‘’as set of behaviors and attitudes and a culture within business or operation of system that respects and takes into account the person’s cultural background,
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First provide health care and must be offered quality care to all patients. Another solution is excluding the language barrier by employing interpreters because is communication is fundamental for example having a translator during the process would make everything much simpler and easier and the patient would leave happy. For example In Chapter five Bernardo one of the people Holmes wrote about. Bernardo was suffering from chronic, and continuous stomachache that made it hard for him to eat, therefore causing him to feel weak. During one season of berry picking he went to a local hospital, and Bernardo spoke broken Spanish, he was seen by a physician who speaks English and the translator who Spanish which was difficult to understand Bernardo. The physician ‘’ indicated his impression: I must say that the patient tended to perseverate on unrelated things from the questions that were asking, but these were usually not translated to me. With this misunderstood multilayered linguistic barrier, the physician concluded that he has no past medical history’’ (Holmes 142). Only if they had the right translator there would have not any complications. In the towns where there is abundance of migrant farmworkers, they should at least three translators that speak the patient’s language. Even though the clinics tries to avoid any ethnocentric norms and …show more content…
Therefore it’s crucial for the providers to comprehended and understand the different ethnic backgrounds of a population and it possibly can help improve the healthcare of that population. Cultural competency may be lacking in US and Mexico nonetheless there is solutions in improving cultural competency. In Fresh Fruits and Broken Bodies many times when the farmworkers visited the doctor there were always miscommunication between the doctor and the patient. Then another time the provider falsely assumed Bernardo was beating his wife, which the doctor was clearly a just stereotyping Bernardo. With more available translators in the clinics and hospitals and healthcare providers respecting the cultural difference would improve cultural

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