Space Ambassadors Research Paper

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Ethics is one of the critical factors enables real leaders to strengthen the survivability of business in the long run. Ethical leadership is the benchmark of “right in mental” goes far beyond justice of the law. Ethical leaders take the responsibility which shapes the healthy climate that helps people understand the sense of ethics and act in a valuable way by contributing great communications and the personality they built daily.
The election of the Space Ambassadors is a proof of the progress of human mindset in history. The mission of these Space Ambassadors will take the responsibilities of moral leadership to foster an ethical climate in the world. And the vision of Space Ambassadors will reach a goal of the high standard of ethical expectation to meet the needs of the global beliefs. This time, we chose 5 Space Ambassadors who are required to perfectly fit the
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However, the social reality appears that this can’t be true. For instance, the top politician leader in the U.S., Bill Clinton gave a negative example, which involved a dramatic sex scandal with an intern in the white house when he was impeached during his second term in 1998. The bad effect widely spent all over the world, and it can 't be imagined that the Senate could have voted him guilty and removed him from office. If so, it implicates that either the president of U.S. was fooling his citizens, or the Americans choose their president unwisely. Due to the trait of Specific culture that the Americans have, allows people to keep their work and home lives separate. Obviously, Mr. Clinton took the advantage of it. However, people all over the world were watching what he have done and what he have promised. There is a famous line from (60 seconds with Professor Donna Ladkin-Ethical Leadership, n.d.): “Action speak louder than words…everyone is watching what you

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