Economic Benefit Of Space Exploration

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“There are two ways that technology is developed to benefit humanity: one is by war and the other is by space exploration (Coles 2016).” Since 1969, the United States has sent many astronauts and scientists into outer space. Almost half a century of exploration has helped in creating the abilities in medical and technology that are possessed today. Without the exploration of areas beyond our atmosphere, humanity would not have the luxuries and safe guards that it has today. Space exploration plays a key role in the functioning and well-being of society; therefore, private entities who are not associated with the government should not be allowed to have operations that take place beyond Earth’s atmosphere.
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According to Wallace Fowler (a Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin), “it is estimated that the total economic benefit of each dollar spent on the space program has been between eight and ten dollars”. As a result of space exploration, more money is gained then spent on developing new forms of technology. This is possible because of the technological advances made by the scientists in NASA. NASA’s budget only makes up approximately one percent of the government’s budget. Possessing only a sliver of the funding from the government, NASA has done more than its fair share of advancing the lifestyle of humans and …show more content…
Colonization on another planet could become a “who is willing to pay the most” contest. In the event that society needs to inhabit another planet, people should not have to survive based on the amount of money they have. Earth has existed for billions of years, and there are many more years to come for this planet. The life expectancy is growing shorter due to human overpopulation, pollution, and the increasing threat of nuclear strikes; however, humans have the power to change the course of

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