Five Characteristics Of Effective Followers

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Characteristics of Effective Followers

Behind every productive work space there are followers and leaders who by working together are able to effectively and efficiently to get the job done. Many may think that great leadership skills produce effective and efficient work, but in reality effective followers are what help leaders. Through their joint effort they are able to get the task done. Five characteristics needed to be an effective follower according to Gwen Moran in her article "Five Ways Being a Good Follower Makes you a Better Leader" are awareness, diplomacy, courage, collaboration and critical thinking (Moran 2014).


In a working environment being aware of one 's surroundings is important in order be able to work effectively
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Co workers tend to disagree because they come from different backgrounds and belief 's. Diplomacy is a worthy characteristic for a follower to have, and according to Moran "Good followers learn how to get along with those who have differences while not ignoring those difference."(Moran 2014). For example a individual can act like a peace keeper and help maintain the peace between co works when they start arguing or can 't agree on an issue. They can also prevent unnecessary conflict and help the management not get involved in small unimportant issues. It is the ability to handle problems with out causing hostility among people. Helping keep a positive …show more content…
If workers do not work together then no work is done and the business is destine to failure. Moran reference Apple "Did Steve Jobs really create the iPod and iPhone, or was it the creative collective of team members at Apple?"(Moran 2014) Steve Jobs did not in fact create the iPod or iPhone all by himself he had help from his co workers. Innovation is something created with the help of collaboration, cluttering ideas together, and then and now getting rid of not so bright ones. "Two brains are better than one" is a famous saying many people use, which in reality is true because teamwork helps people come together and solve problems. Different opinions and ideas it what fuels innovation and keeps companies like Apple on

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