Final Reflection On Writing And Brainstorming Essay

854 Words Aug 4th, 2014 4 Pages
Roberto Lok Ka Chan
# 20541766
University of Waterloo
Final Reflection This is the last task ever in ENGL 109. This semester I have devoted so much time in this course on writing and brainstorming. I think that my writing skill has improved significantly throughout the semester. I got the opportunities to write three short essay, including Narrative, Evaluation, and Proposal and Research in the past three months which were very challenging to me due to my limited experience on writing these kind of article. Also, I studied elementary school and high school in Hong Kong, I found it difficult to have the sense on recognizing grammatical and linguistic mistake in my essay. Through reading other classmates’ work, it allowed me to study others strengths and common mistakes that I should improve in my essay. After studying the course, I believe that I will have an easier time when approaching these kind of article in the future academic writing. In this final portfolio assignment, the two essays that I have chosen to review are my narrative and proposal essays. For the first essay, I had to write a Narrative on a memorable moment in my life. The assignment prompt is to explore one big moment in my life in depth. I didn’t struggled a lot on finding the topic but I had hard time on developing a good narrative. In high school, I tried to avoid every narrative-related stories as I am not good at describing and expressing my own feeling and experience. This…

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