Fiji Water Case Study Essay

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The company was facing some

This case has been written on the basis of published sources only. Consequently, the interpretation and perspectives presented in this case are not necessarily those of FIJI Water LLC. or any of its employees. 2 “Disaster in a bottle,” Sydney Morning Herald, April 24, 2007. 3 Kelly Fedor, “Greens call for ban on bottled water,”, March 22, 2008. 4 A reader’s comment posted on on March 22, 2008. 5 “FIJI Water Becomes First Bottled Water Company to Release Carbon Footprint of Its Products,” Press Release from FIJI Water, April 9, 2008,

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complex challenges to achieve its goal of a carbon negative outcome at its production plant and in the transportation of its products, and to convince its consumers and other stakeholders that it was leading the industry in carbon footprint disclosure and offset. The environmental protest against bottled water in general, and FIJI brand in particular, in the United States, United Kingdom and other developed

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