Tap Water Vs Tap Water Research Paper

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Water is one of the main necessities of life. Without water, our bodies would not function correctly. But wait, does it really matter where you get your water from? Of course it does. Bottled water and tap water have been in question to see which one is more effective in your life. Many people believe that tap water is unhealthier for you, that it does not come from a clean water source. Tap water is proven to be more effective than bottled water. Tap water is more cost effective and is proven to taste the same. To add on to, tap water is not as costly as bottled water. From the article, “Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?” it states that, “It costs about 5 bucks a gallon! Why do people pay so much for something they can get virtually free?”(Stossel …show more content…
In article, “Is Bottled water Better than Tap?” it states that “We asked people to rate the waters as bad, average or great. Lots of people said one of the waters was particularly bad. Was that the tap water? No. Tap water did pretty well. Even people who said they don't like it, liked it on the blind test” (Stossel 1). This helps prove that many people are fooled and persuaded by the water bottle companies. They believe there non-sense that they have the best tasting water. Another quote from the article, “Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap?” it states that, “Bottom line, if you buy bottled water because you think it's healthier than tap, test after test shows no evidence of that. And if you buy fancy brands because you think they taste better, you're probably just buying the hype” (Stossel 1)This again proves that the water bottle companies are messing with head and getting you to buy the bottled water. Bottled water and tap water taste the same. One last piece of evidence is from the article, “Is Bottled Water Better Than Tap Water?” “You have to look at the fine print to find out Everest Water is not from Mount Everest. It's from Corpus Christi, Texas. Glacier Clear Water is not from a glacier in Alaska. Its source is tap water from Greeneville, Tenn.” This last piece of evidence again proves to you that water bottle companies are fooling you. The tap water is just as safe and if not

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