Essay about Fiji Water Case Study

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FIJI Water and Corporate Social Responsibility -
Green Makeover or “greenwashing”?
Case Study

Marcella Biazon
Principles of Marketing
Dr. Konya Weber
September 20, 2012

FIJI Water Case Study A corporation that says it is socially responsible, claims that they are concerned for society's welfare; which also includes the environment, because now days, we are a lot more concerned about our environment and how everything affect it. The corporation will make sure to insure those values within the company and also to its partners. ("Social responsibility in Marketing," 2012 - 1998) Also, if a corporation says it is ethically responsible and it really is, it shows to their customers and partners their integrity
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Administrative and marketing activities also were part of the list in carbon emissions. The company also had information on the products for consumers to see. (McMaster & Nowark, 2009) As a result of being a socially responsible corporation and its goal is sustainability; FIJI Water had to go through some changes to achieve “carbon negative”: • Reduce packaging by 20% • Supplying at least 50% of the energy used at its bottling plant with renewable energy • Optimizing logistics and using more carbon-efficient transportation modes • Restoring degraded grasslands in the Yaqara Valley by planting native tree species • Supporting recycling programs for plastic PET bottles
The problem with this analyze of the carbon negative campaign, is that they didn't compared their numbers with any of their competitors; which means that the consumer does not know if they are more socially engaged or not; if they should take these reductions as serious or their number is just too high; The reduction means that for every atom of carbon produced by manufacturing, shipping, and

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