Female University Students Attitudes Towards Physical Exercise And Exercise Habits

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Female university students attitudes towards physical exercise and their exercise habits.
(1. Survey to assess what forms if any of physical exercise they are completing, how often? 2. focus groups to assess why they do or do not exercise and their attitudes in general to physical exercise.)
In recent years the rate of female participation in exercise has increased as health issues have been raised (Park Sang et al, 2012: 99). Physical exercise has is an essential lifestyle element and has been linked to a better quality of life and psychological well-being (Park Sang, H et al, 2012: 99) Many experts and the World Health Organisation recommend regular, daily exercise to counteract the unhealthy and less physical lifestyles many people now lead (Milanovic et al, 2013:58). Life-long habits of exercise and health are adapted in childhood are often reflected in one’s health status during adulthood (Tirodimos et al 2009:722). The benefits from physical exercise are numerous…...
This then begs the questions: what are women 's attitudes towards physical exercise? And what are their exercise habits? The aim of this research is to discover the attitudes of 17-21 year old female Melbourne university students, towards physical exercise and their exercise habits. To gain these vital insights a standardised survey will be used first to collect quantitative data, which will then be used to form focus groups. These focus groups will have a mediator who will ask semi-standardised questions…

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