Fedex – the Leading Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider

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FedEx – The Leading Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider


Fedex is the leading provider of supply chain management services to corporate customers. Fedex started in 1971, to facilitate overnight delivery of document through airfreight system directly to the customers at affordable costs.

Fedex over a period of years differentiated itself by having state of the art infrastructures with technologically advanced automation that will ship the goods from supplier to the end customer in a shorter period of time. Fedex offered variety of services including warehouse management, inventory management, transportation and logistics managements to name a few.

Fedex goal is to offer to customize supply chain services to
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3. Network to interface between the customers (Shipper and Receiver) and Backend
Fedex implemented hub and spoke model for dispatch and delivery system. Each city had customer service agents, cargo handlers and couriers who collect the packages or deliver to the customers. These, network were connected to the regional hub to co-ordinate the dispatch and delivery. Un-manned drop boxes were put in high traffic areas. Wherever its not economically viable for Fedex, they have partnered with global service participants to provide dispatch and delivery activity.

Fedex was able to differentiate itself by the combination of these infrastructure facilities and strong network of dispatch and delivery supported by advanced technology and automation in the industry. These facilities help Fedex to deliver 3.3 MN packages across 211 countries every day.

b. Fedex offered different value added services to its corporate customers. Describe each service in detail and their benefits to the customers. Discuss in detail the manner in which Fedex help Fujitsu and Cisco in solving their SCM problems. According to you, what other SCM Services can Fedex offer its corporate customers?

Over a period of years Fedex was able to have consistent success and maturity in their supply chain processes. Services Offered by Fedex were customized specific to each customer’s specific problems and

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