Essay about Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

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Did you know that about 280,000 people die annually due to being overweight? Most people don’t know how eating unhealthy can cause major difficulties in their later years. Eric Schlosser is an investigative journalists, who wrote the nonfiction book called “Fast Food Nation”. The book is about the global and local influences the United States’ fast food industries have. Although some may argue that the corporations should led a reform of the US food system, overall, the government should take responsibility because history supports their ability to improve corporate corruption and they should be more concerned about improving public health. Admittedly, the corporations should be more responsible in their production, and think of the consequences for their customers and workers. Corporations are aware of the impacts that meat packing has on the consumers. In chapter 9 “What’s in the Meat” of Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, he details research about contaminates in our food supply describing the spread of E. coli. In Schlosser’s nonfiction book “Fast Food Nation” he states, “Health officials soon traced the outbreak of food poisoning to undercooked hamburgers served at local Jack in the Box restaurants. Tests of the hamburger patties disclosed the presence of E. coli 0157:H7” (Schlosser 198). Reports of food poisoning was traced back to local Jack in the Box restaurants and discovered that the hamburger patties had E. coli in them. Restaurants are so ignorant at the fact…

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