Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser Essay

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Throughout Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser writes about the ins and outs of the fast food industry. From the founding fathers to the little secrets that fast food corporations would never want us to know, he reveals it all. In addition he discusses the impact of marketing targeted toward children and the failed attempts to reform it. As the fast food industry evolves and competition rises, corporations are looking for better ways to drive up business and increase revenue. As a marketing tactic, fast food chains began targeting advertisements toward children. A 2010 study released by Yale University announced, “Fast-food companies are marketing to youth now more than ever-increasingly targeting children” (Morrison 1). Unlike other advertising tactics, marketing to children has had a large impact. Schlosser 's depiction of the effect of targeting advertisements toward children captures the extent to which vulnerable children are exploited, however recent studies conclude that the negative impact is larger than portrayed.
Young Customers
Young children who are easily influenced have become targets for fast food marketers today. As schlosser highlights, marketers want children to drag their parents into restaurants. In Selling to Kids a marketer explains, “It’s not just getting kids to whine,’s giving them a specific reason to ask for the product” (Schlosser 43). Schlosser is depicting how marketers target children because they will annoy their parents until their parents…

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