Fashion as a Medium of Communication Essay

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Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, the function of fashion as a medium of communication is becoming of a new significance for modern society.
Clothing has always had place in society. Ever since the primitive society people were dressing for variety of reasons: at first, simply to cover naked parts of human bodies, to protect one from bitter frost or extreme heat; centuries later--to become an indicator of one’s well-being and social position, a sign of royalty and the rich or poverty. Before the Industrial Revolution of the 18th--19th centuries, that had profound effect on almost all aspects of daily life, the importance attached to the way people dress was huge--it defined the rights and
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After reading a couple of articles about the “medium of communication”, I found out that almost every communication scholar has his own understanding on this conception whether it is Marshal McLuhan, Marcel Danesi or Ian H. Angus. Ian H. Angus’s idea is that “All communication is about something and in that sense is an imparting of meaning. A medium of communication is the support, or carrier, of this meaning – not the meaning itself […]. A medium has specific characteristics distinct from its content” (“Primal scenes of communication: communication, consumerism and social movements”, Ian H. Angus, 2000).I tend to support his understanding of this concept, rather than M. McLuhan’s, according to whom, “…the content of any medium is always another medium. The content of writing is speech, just as written word is the content of print…” (Marshal McLuhan, “The medium is the message”). The reason why it is more appealing to me is because I am really not sure what will be the content of the very small “unit” of media.

For my own purposes here, if I would summarize it all, I would say, that medium of communication is the physical means, a “carrier of meaning”, by which content is encoded (put together) and through which it is transmitted (delivered).

Defining “fashion” and it’s functions or characteristics.
This nice word comes from Latin faction--, factio -- act

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