Long-Term Care Industry Analysis

Long-term care industry consists of various providers in the community-based settings, quasi-institutions, and institutional facilities. This industry cannot function without other key partners. Institutional providers are the most visible sector of the long-term care industry. A variety of health care personnel are involved in the delivery of long-term care and the ancillary sector includes case management agencies that assist clients with identifying and obtaining appropriate long-term care services.
Nursing homes
The service is a long term health care service offered by normally physicians or entrepreneurs who can associate with quality physicians in the industry and offer services to society. The main element of success lies in the hands
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The assessment of trends can be achieved by evaluating services offered. It can also be achieved through evaluating the capabilities of a speech therapist, nurses, and physicians providing the service. One of the major barriers to home health is communication barriers (Howard, 2015). When well provided, communication can help create personal relationships and trust. Effective communication helps in ensuring that instructions and information are well understood (In Harris, 2017). Communication acts either as an entrance barrier or not depending on how it is provided. In home health, quality performance can generally follow rules provided by the government. The providers also implement corrective measures which regulate service provided to the patient. Other measures are provided by the department of public health which vary from community to community.
This is a kind of care which deals with patients that are either terminally, seriously or chronically ill (Murray, 2015). It focuses on a patient’s symptoms and pain. Major services provided include management of pain, and provision of spiritual, social, physical, and emotional
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(In Harris, 2017). The CMS determines and evaluates the quality measures which must be utilized by the hospices. It also determines the processes that hospices should use when submitting data for such measures.

Continuing Care Retirement Community
A CCRC is a community living arrangement on a single campus that provides health care, housing, and social services. It offers different levels of services ranging from independent housing to nursing home care.
The fee arrangement for a CCRC normally comprises of a monthly fee and an entrance fee. These fees are based on the size of self-governing living unit and charge a sizeable one-time entrance fee. This entrance fee may or may not be refundable.
Regarding the entry barriers, they may require a health screening before one can move into the independent living unit. Some allow married couples to move in even if one spouse requires some care…
The CMC has awarded CCRC a national accreditation and the goal of accreditation is to promote excellence in this field. CCRC providers are working harder to attract residents in order to boost and maintain occupancy levels. CCRCs, for the most part, require private

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