Personal Narrative Essay: Falling A Little Short

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Falling a Little Short

Most young children grow up recieving participation medals with pride while listening while their parents tell them that they tried their best. I guess that you could say that I was not raised like most children. Ever since I was able to walk my father had me running bases and playing catch. When I was 7, since there were not any softball teams available for me to join, my father even signed me up to play for a boys baseball team. It might have been weird that I was a young girl who played third base, but it was even weirder that I excelled. Ever since then my father has claimed that playing on that team with a bunch of boys made me into the athlete that I later became.

After my season with the baseball team I began playing for a traveling softball team from Latta, Oklahoma. Not much was different about the games, but I remember being completely appalled by the game of softball. Nobody could have possibly prepared me for the bright and frilly pink uniforms or the chants that the teams would yell at one another from the dugouts. So althought the games of baseball and softball are relatively the exact same, I could not stand softball. The only problem was that I could not just start playing baseball again simply because of the circumstances, and then I had to face the fact that I was forever going to have to deal with the
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The entire town of Roff was sitting in the stands and it was show time. Before the games we began to pray like we always did, but this one felt different to me. It felt like it meant more then than it had ever meant before. We go out and take care of business winning 12-0, taking us on to day two. On Saturday, I knew that I would go to sleep that night a state champion and that we were about to go and make everyone proud. We soon became uneasy when our coach told us that our opponents for the first game had a phenominal pitcher and that we would really have to focus in. That is when it got

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