Personal Narrative Essay: The Third Week Of School

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The third week of school was going by a lot quicker than the first two. Most of the students haven’t even bother showing up to class. They’re going to look real dumb if they can’t last through till the end of the semester.
“A little less than a week to go before the divorce option becomes available students,” Mrs. Sorun broadcasted to the few of us who actually showed up on that Wednesday. “How have you been holding up this far in the game?”
I thought I was the only one having it bad. Half of the fake couples were complaining; gladly expressing the hatred they had for one another.
“My partner been acting like a real bitch!” a guy named Derrick grouchily announced. “She won’t give it up!”
“How many times do I have to tell your ass; I’m not interested in you!” his partner, Jessica, argued.
“What about you, Miss Ariana?” Mrs.
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“It’s taste better when it’s warm, so you better hurry up and eat it,” I warned, tired of seeing her play around with the thing.
She finally broke a tiny piece off; slowly placing it in her mouth. “OMG! This has got to be the best thing I have ever tasted!” she praised, eyes lit up brighter than the sun. A tiny piece soon turned into a regular size one, which soon turned into a huge chunk. “Its just so good!”
“You’re exaggerating,” I uttered, slowly breaking a piece off. “It’s not that good.” I could tell these weren’t freshly made (microwaved?), which takes the experience of eating them down a few points. But, since this is her first time tasting one she wouldn’t know any better.
“Can I have yours then?” she begged, sadden at the fact she was now funnel cakeless…?
Her funnel cake, literally, disappeared in the matter of seconds and I didn’t notice. Where the hell did it go that fast? “I can just buy you another one,” I offered, pulling my wallet back out.
“Will you?”
“Sure. Get as many as you want.”
“We’ll take five, please.” Greedy

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