Factors That Affect The Health Of Its Members Essay

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Arguing with a significant other are an undeniable part of the week or day to day life, occasionally; affecting our behavior and emotions in all areas of our lives. There are lots of reasons why couples argue with each other. It goes from arguing about simple factors to arguing about major incidents which can deeply harm the relationship. Arguments between couple deeply wear down the relationship and become one of the main reasons for separation. The quality of the relationship seems to have effects on the health of its members; harmonious interaction has a protective value and, conversely, a conflicting dynamic with few rewarding exchanges gives rise to discomfort and reduces the attraction we feel for the other. This in turn can lead to quarrels conditions: anxiety disorders, depression, addictions. Solve problems effectively depend on the attitude, the tone used in discussions and that solutions are reasonable for both.
According to Daily Mail.com, “couples argue an average of 2455 times a year.” While some fighting can be constructive and beneficial, not all arguing is the same destructive, abusive and bitter rows are certainly not the stuff of healthy relationships (Dumas, 2012). Some of the factors couples argue about are ego, money, miscommunication, unmet expectations, sex, lack of appreciation, different parenting style, and stress.
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