Facebook The Mean Girls And Me Analysis

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“People Can Change”

In the text “Facebook, the Mean Girls and Me”, Taffy Brodesser- Akner the author of the story tells about her dilemma of should she become friends with people who were mean to her as child. She recalls incidents in the sixth grade, where her so called friends at the time gradually became her antagonizer. Many years later into her college years Facebook became the social outlet for everyone. Brodesser- Akner decided to look up the people who were not so nice to her, in hopes that they could leave all of the past stuff behind. She closely followed up on the people from the past wondering if they had changed their mean ways from child hood. She finally wonders if she is really over what happened to her as a child.
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Children tend to have a very different personality once they get to school and get around their friends. Some of the kids even start to bully others just to make themselves look tough. Once children enter into the school system their really just trying to find their way through the best way that they know how, so they’re not the one getting bullied. People on the outside looking in would probably agree that their just young and immature is the reason for them exhibiting this behavior. So knowing all of this why would a person not want to keep in contact with a person form their past that was mean to them? Brodesser- Akner the author of” Facebook, the Mean Girls and Me” struggled with just this exact question. Is it wrong of her to want to be friends with people that were mean to her in school? In the article “How to Forgive, and Why You Should” Ryan Howes a clinical psychologist states, “You feel bitter. You still hold a grudge. But clinging to those grudges and betrayals, is bad for the body and mind” (Howe, 2012) So why should a person take themselves through that when it happened so long ago? When people get older a lot of times they have forgotten how rotten they were to someone when they were younger, not realizing that they had such an impact on someone else. They were young and immature as most children in that …show more content…
As technology advanced, Facebook was born creating a path to reunite with these people. Brodesser- Akner struggled with the question of if she should get in contact with the people that were mean to her a s a child. She questions if they have changed or not. After discovering that these people were just like her in this stage of life, if not worse off, she decides to let go of what happened and move on with things. In the text “I Once was a Bully” the Author Emily Yoffee explains how people are very remorseful of their behavior when they were children. When children become adults they shouldn’t be held accountable for what they have done in the past. There have been many examples showing why, people should stay in touch with people that were mean to them in school because they were young and didn’t know any

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