Bullying In The Movie 'How To Eat Fried Worms'

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Everyone has probably heard a story about some sort of criminal, such as a thief or even a murderer. These two types of criminals, and some other types, all have descriptive traits in common. One of these traits includes pain to others. This pain could be emotional or physical. Being robbed of their money, valuables, or even their life can leave the victims and their family emotionally unstable. Obviously if they were killed or hurt, they are physically in pain. The second of these traits is addiction. Most likely, after a criminal has done their crime once without being caught, they will try again. There are two main reasons this happens. One, they loved the adrenaline rush they got when they committed said crime. Two, they have run out of …show more content…
Another example of bullying happens in the movie, “How to Eat Fried Worms”. This movie involves a boy named Billy who goes to new school. At this new school he encounters a bully who makes him eat ten fried worms per day. Kylie and Billy’s stories prove that bullying can happen to anyone. They had never done anything to make the bullies treat them like that. In fact, “Bullying is pervasive in American schools. According to the National School Safety Center, 90 percent of the students in grades four through eight report being victims of bullying” (Dalton, Wilkins 1). Ninety percent of students being bullied is too many. Of this ninety percent, there are many different ways a bully acts towards the victim. In an article it states, “Name-calling was the most common type of bullying” (Kaplan 1). Name-calling is the most common type because it is an easy way for the bully to get away with their wrong-doing. Other types of normal bullying may include violence, stealing students’ school supplies, or teasing. Teasing usually happens to children who are overweight or different than everyone else. Even though being overweight can be one of the most common reasons to be bullied, an article says, “Yet …show more content…
Ally was involved with volleyball, basketball, tack, softball, choir, and happened to have a 4.0 GPA. Ally, of course, seemed to dominate all of those sports and activities. She was fairly popular at school for both her talent and her personality. After school one day, Ally was in her bedroom scrolling through her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. She noticed that there were a couple of tweets about how she was a brat and how no one liked her. Ally let it go thinking that they were just jealous. The next day at school, everyone was laughing at her as she walked down the school hallway on her way to math class. As soon as Ally entered the room, she turned on her phone and saw she had an Instagram notification. “Brooke Devon (@brookedevon) has tagged you in a photo” it read. Ally opened the photo to see one of her embarrassing selfies she had sent to Brooke. Brooke was supposed to be one of her best friends and keep those photos private. Ally ignored Brooke the rest of the day. This type of behavior continued for two months from Brooke, her other friends, her teammates, and even students she did not know. Ally continued to see posts and photos making fun of her on social media, and she continued to get laughed at in the hallway at school. Another example of this is shown in the movie, “Cyberbully”. In this movie, Taylor, an average high school girl, is being bullied online. In the end, she tries to commit suicide because she

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