Facebook Does More Harm Than Good Essay

1011 Words Jul 14th, 2015 null Page
In reality, Facebook does more harm than good. So many people think it is just a social network, and nothing can go wrong. Many things can happen to put someone’s life in danger. “93% of teens ages 12-17 go online.” (30 Statistics). Most parents see the dangers of Facebook but the youth does not always. Although, people should have freedom to put their thoughts online for friends to see, people need to be careful. There are ways to stop the negative sides of Facebook. Users of Facebook enjoy Facebook for many good reasons, but there is a dark side to it; users can be stalked, addicted, and destroyed, but users can benefit if the dangerous aspects could stop. Facebook provides users with great things and opportunities. Facebook users can find old classmates they graduated with, no matter how long ago it was. By finding these class mates, people can plan class reunions and reconnect to old friends and build stronger relationships. Facebook can also be used to find a significant other. By using messenger, users can reach out to anyone, and it could turn into a relationship. Also, Facebook can help families keep in touch. Many families have loved ones stretched across the United States, or even the world. Facebook helps them interact with one another, no matter how many miles away. They can see photos of the children, keep up with their activities, or message them when they are having a bad day. It makes users feel a part of each other’s daily lives. Since Facebook…

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