Persuasive Essay On Four Day School

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A four-day school would be beneficial to students because this would cause less stress and another day of rest. It would help students to relax but at the same time make them stay active. They would want to do activities outside of school like just going outside with friends to play or get some sun. Some may abuse their extra day as a lazy day which is not what a four-day week is supposed to be for. Extracurricular activities practices could be on the extra day off. One extra day to study and do homework would be helpful to the students. Students may also finish their projects on this day. The attendance in students will increase greatly along with better attitudes and better classroom behavior. Sports schedules would have to be rearranged …show more content…
With the extra off day students could get studying done for tests or do their homework because homework counts a lot in grades. "A four-day week would eliminate either Friday or Monday from the existing schedule, instead adding 75 to 90 minutes on the remaining days," (Morgan) this states that you would have to add more minutes to the end of the other four days to make up for the one missing day. By doing this you would have to stay at school longer and get more time in all your classes. "Even if children are only in school four days of the week, the law requires that they still attend school for at least 1,044 hours per school year," ("Top") this implies that you would need more hours put into school. It seems like a lot of time but the time goes by fast especially if students won 't act up and be direspectful and if they focus it will help too. In the article "Is a four day school week a good idea?," it states that "Less stress about homework over a 2 day weekend, the state will on costs/taxes, some schools saved 333,762 on salaries, schools save 154,000 on power," ("Is") this statement conveys that the schools will save money rather than lose it. Also, the school can use the money to build on to the school or build something that will make better the students and the

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