Examples Of Sexism And Racist Language

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Clichés are phrases and words which have been used so frequently that they’re powerful or no longer really interesting. They may have started out as a colorful, imaginative phrase, enjoy as sick as a parrot, but they’ve been picked up and used indiscriminately and broadly that they’ve lost their impact and become cold.
Clichés are part of our regular language – we regularly don’t understand that we’re using them. Additionally, they appear particularly often in specific kinds of writing (including journalism) or areas of action (like sport, business, or politics). ("Avoiding clichés | OxfordWords blog", 2016)
One clichés that I have used is “Like a kid in a candy store”. I was talking to a friend about how happy he looked when he got his new
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Such a slang becomes offensive and frequently crosses the line, not to others who may hear it, but also to the groups that are being put down. In now’s workplace there 's no place where racist or sexist language is not inappropriate. The truth is, using such language can be a breach of firm policies and sometimes antidiscrimination laws. Sexist language uses sex as a discriminating variable.
Racist language discriminates against members of a specified race or ethnic group. While it may be clear that ethnic and racial slurs have no place in company communication, there may also be problems with subtle references to “those folks “or” you understand how they 're.” If ethnicity or race truly enters into the matter of your communicating in a drugstore, for instance, there 's generally an aisle for black hair care products then it makes sense to mention customers. The key is that mentioning ethnic and racial groups should be done if someone were referring with exactly the same respect you 'd want to. (McLean,
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The supervisor would say “Each staff must check that he/she turns in his/her absence request form two week before the day of absence”. Here “She/he, his/her, and he/she are awkward and diminish readability. One way to avoid this is to use neutral expressions in place of the possessive form.” ("Language Matters: The Importance of Sensitivity in Writing – Part 1 | Edanz Editing", 2016). Therefore, the supervisor should have said “All staff should turn in the absence request form two weeks in advance before the day of

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