Harris And Me Analysis

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Books are apart of every day life even if you’re reading flyers or the newspaper its still a type of book. in most books people use figurative language to help enrich the writing and make it more enjoyable for the reader. In Harris and me, Gary Pulsen uses many different types of figurative language, such as: alliteration, hyperbole, metaphor, onomatopoeia, and personification. In this essay I will be talking about simile, hyperbole and idioms, in the book harris and me.

Some authors of fiction use similes to spark a reader's imagination while getting the information across. In Harris and me Gary Pulsen uses this simile, “they were like two hair covered dinosaurs”. This simile helped get the information across to me and my imagination
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That helped me see the scene while also being funny. Hyperboles can also be used to add humor to the situation, and to what the character is saying, ”they weren't just big, they were almost prehistoric”. I use hyperboles, or extreme exaggeration quite often while speaking. it just adds variety to what I am saying and makes what im saying more interesting. I like idioms the most out of figurative language because it's changing the way you would normally write things. In harris and me there is one idiom the is used the most and its “watch your tongue”. Its because harris always says swear words, then gets smacked. Idioms like those are used to change up the writing and still get the point across, like “when he stopped dead”. It's not possible to stop dead unless you die, which nobody wants to happen. So idioms are just a way of making writing fun and more interesting while still maintaining the same meaning.
In The book, harris and me, three types of figurative language are used: similes, hyperboles and idioms. Gary pulsen, the author, uses figurative language to help enrich the story and make it easier to read. I really liked this book because figurative language made it a fun book to read. I would encourage other people to read harris and

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