Examples Of My Strengths Essay

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My strengths as a reader, writer, speaker, listener, and thinker vary. The strengths I have as a reader are, I am able to comprehend the stories message in great depth. In the First The Tribes of Palos Verdes 3.5 paragraph I state,”In the second Even though she showed her body off to get a surfboard, she took that surfboard and turned it into a passion in life. Not only did she turn it into a passion, she turned it into something that allows her to feel free and get away from this negativity.” This quote shows depth I look into a situation that is looked at as a very bad decision Medina made. As Mr bean states “look at the story as if you were a therapist,” I have started to gain this skill every time I read now. This allows me to look at situations …show more content…
This quote also came from a paragraph I personally thought was one of my best and was the best grade I got on a paragraph this term. Listening Is something I can either do very well or not well. My strengths as a listener are when I am able to find interesting in the topic or really focus on it I am able to take a lot of information out of the topic being discussed. I find my mind having great growth when I discussed scenes or topic in class or just with Mr Bean. After Listening to others ideas my mind expands and I am able to see different perspectives from others and ideas on to mine that I didn’t have before. All it takes is a little bit of interest and focus and the outcome is very great. Thinking is one of my greater strengths just because I do a lot of it. My mind is always connecting ideas and coming up with new thoughts constantly. The strongest moment of thinking is when I annotated for The Tribes of Palos Verdes. There were many times I had to connect ideas for the plot line to make sense of situations. I also found great strengths when thinking about the connection of my surfing knowledge and surfing scene in the …show more content…
Turning in all of these assignments late did bring my grade down and also cause me to make extra work for myself. I need to paying attention to the little assignments just as much as the bigger assignments even tho their not worth as many points. As a writer I need to work on paying attention to the detail. My first multi-paragraph essay I got a 156 out of 200. Although there weren 't tons of spelling and grammar mistakes there were enough it cost me to lose many points lost. Something I need to work on as a speaker is my presentation of my body language. I am able to be confident with my words but my body language is not to that same point of confidence. I don 't always know what to do with my hands maybe making my presentation not as lively. My weakness as a listener is often do to lack of interest in the subject. A specific example was during Richard Hoffman’s presentation. I do have to say he is a very interesting man but his interests of writing were something I could not connect with. What I need to work on is even tho I might not be able to have much interest in the topic, I need to pushing myself to absorb this information Richard Hoffman or anyone speaking is saying. When I think I sometime find myself not being as open minded as a could be. When I find myself come upon topic in a story or a conversation I need to be open minded to everybody opinion. Even though this

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