Examples Of My Strengths And Weaknesses

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People have many strengths and weaknesses, and overtime they often develop new strengths and weaknesses. When a person goes through life, new challenges can create new strengths and weaknesses that the person may have never had before. This is what happened to me, I discovered things that I am really good at, and things that I am not so good at. Three things that I have discovered I excel at are managing time, taking notes, and also managing my stress. I have also learned that I have a weakness in public speaking, writing, and making goals for myself. The first thing I discovered that I am good at is time management. This is something that I would consider a strength because in high school I was really bad at managing my time, but in college …show more content…
My biggest weakness is speaking in public. This has always been a weakness of mine because I am usually very soft spoken and anxious when I get in front of a large group of people. I have learned that speaking in public isn’t all about talking, it is about visuals and how to speak in a way that captures people’s attention. I plan to improve on this by putting myself out there more and speaking with more confidence. I also want to join a public speaking class later in the future to help me improve with my speaking skills. My second weakness is writing, this is something that I feel I have never been good at, but have gotten better at over the years. I plan on improving my writing by practicing more and asking teachers on what they feel I can improve on. I also plan on reaching out to the writing center for help with my writing. My last weakness is setting goals for myself. I feel that this is a weakness of mine because I feel that my goals don’t challenge me as much as they should, and I simply make them so that I can accomplish them and not challenge myself at all. I will improve on this by setting goals that I don’t think I can accomplish, so that way when I accomplish them I will feel proud of

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