Personal Narrative: Life Lessons In My Life

Ever since the age of three I have been an older brother. Now sixteen years later, I have six beautiful little sisters. I am the only son of all my mother 's children. Being a brother has taught me so many life lessons that it is hard to tell where they start and "end". These life lessons have taken over my outlook on life and the way I pursue it. I have a very big, close, and open minded family so if someone acted up or did something impressive than almost every will know in about a week. An example of how open minded we are would be that everyone in my family is Christian and some, not all, goes to church every Sunday. My grandmother is one that goes to church, she has all of her children baptized, and the younger one went to Sunday school. …show more content…
Carpentry is one that I have acquired in my last two years of living. Last spring my mother bought a house that needed major renovations. The walls had holes in them, the pipes had gunk and paint in them, there was no kitchen cabinets or countertops, and one of the stairs where caving in. My mom also wanted a dual French patio door installed as well as a patio that is 20 feet long and 10 feet wide and her own full personal bathroom. But she did not hire a crew to do this, she had me, Pedro, and her do it all by ourselves. Pedro is the guy that has taught me everything that I know about carpentry. Besides dealing with electrical stuff like wires, breakers, and outlets I know a decent amount of stuff. I can completely remove a door and turn it into a wall without it being noticeable. Or I can add a door to an existing wall. I know how to completely change a toilet but that is so simple that literally anyone can do it. If there is a hole in the wall I can fix it and if there is a leaky pipe I can change it. I am also a good orator or I have been told. As stated before I was the Vice-President of my senior class and because of that I would have to help plan events and spread the word. So after coming up with an idea and it being approved we (the student council) would make poster signs. After the signs were up, I would go from class to class, for about a week, for each event and sell tickets. If there was any questions, I would answer them there on the spot, to clear any uneasiness. I have also introduced the CMSD Board members at a union meeting, as well as the "world renowned robotics team" at Rhodes. Finally I was the one, along with my friend Brad, who told our senior class to move our tassels from right to

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