Evidence Based Practice For Health Care Essay

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Evidence-Base Practice According to Hood, evidence-based practice (EBP) is defined as “practice based on the best available evidence that incorporates patient values and preferences and clinician judgment and expertise” (Hood, L. J. & Pepper, J. M., 2013). From the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competency topic, Evidence-Based Practice presented for safe bariatric patient handling and prevention of nursing injury in the work area will identify best practices in those areas. In order to continue to deliver basic, safe, nursing care, it is crucial as a nursing profession that nurses use reliable evidence-based practice credible resources in all care situations.
Over the decades, “EBP nursing research has provided many mechanisms for the delivery of best practices for health care” (Hood, L. J. & Pepper, J. M., 2013). Some have been in EBP nursing research about safe bariatric patient handling assessments, interventions, and evaluations have significantly reduced overexertion injuries by replacing manual patient handling with safer, newer methods, and have provided nurses with safe guidelines. With an increase in bariatric patient population and morbid obesity as a major complication co-morbidities disease process, many nurses within hospitals today face the challenges and concerns of caring for these complex patients. Often there is “a need for a high ratio of staff, hospitals experiencing difficulties with meeting bariatric needs through reduced levels of staffing, and…

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