Essay on Evidence Based Care And Person Center Care

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Evidence based care and person center care The definitions of evidence-based nursing is borrowed from evidence-based medicine, which is defined by Sackett as the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best external and scientific evidence in making decisions about the medical care of individual patients (Sackett, 1996). Correspondingly, this means that evidence-based nursing is a method of critically selecting and appraising the scientific literature and applying the scientific evidence that has been found in a specific nursing situation.
Gibbs (2003) takes this idea further, stating, "Placing the client 's benefits first, evidence-based practitioners adopt a process of lifelong learning that involves continually posing specific questions of direct practical importance to clients, searching objectively and efficiently for the current best evidence relative to each question, and taking appropriate action guided by evidence (p.6). An addition is made to this definition by Muir Gray (1997) “an approach to decision making in which the clinician uses the best evidence available, in consultation with the patient, to decide upon the option which suits that patient best” (Muir Gray, 1997, p. 9). According to Canadian Nurses’s Association (2010) “Evidence-based decision-making is a continuous interactive process involving the explicit, conscientious and judicious consideration of the best available evidence to provide care."
As Holmes and colleagues (2015) questioned…

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