Evaluation Of An Employee Engagement Survey Essay

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Conducting an employee engagement survey is arguably one of the most popular ways to understand the way the health care staff think about the hospital and their assigned roles. Even though criticism over its ubiquity remains, the surveys are still relevant. The case study highlights the results of an employee engagement survey conducted in a 300-bed-not-for-profit community hospital. The results showed that there was a need to undertake changes to come up with a more satisfying work environment. Concern arose regarding communications, cleanliness, equipment access and the appearance of the interior work environment. Assuming the role of Vice President of Operations, there are several recommendations that one can make to resolve the problems facing the hospital. This paper provides the potential solutions to the hospital to improve workplace setting in the hospital. The feedback from employee engagement surveys is important in assisting the leadership to uncover and address the emerging concerns proactively.
Conflict Resolution and Collective Bargaining
Improving Quality of Work, Teamwork and Communication
Workplace environments are crucial in supporting staff to work more productively and influences employees’ satisfaction. Physical aspects of the workplaces need to be altered to match their functions. Operational agility of a work environment is essential to enable the workplace change rapidly and effectively to arising changes an uncertainty. The evolution of…

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