Evaluation Of A Student 's Wellness Center At The Ohio State University

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Abdirahman Ega

Research case study

As a part of a student working group, the information that would be the most appropriate when it comes to overall student wellness would be school web sites, student affairs and health magazines for example student wellness center at the Ohio State University and Helath.mil which is the military health system. I would seek information from scholarly articles that focused on student health, different health systems used by colleges that are current and successful. Preventive methods used by schools to ensure healthy lifestyles for their students. After coming up with places that I might seek information from, the search terms that I would pick are “ Student wellness”, “College health”, “Healthy students”, “ Military health” and “ Health education”. I believe this search terms might be some how similar but I think it would lead me to the sources that I am looking for.

After coming up with search terms now I can now start making search statements using Boolean operators and quotation marks to build my search statements, even though my searchers were very much similar I wanted to differentiate them accordingly and find the exact phrase. These statements are “Student wellness and college health”, Health education and Military health” and “ Healthy students or Unhealthy students”. I am now ready to search through Google. My first search was (Student wellness and college health), I got many results that came up from different…

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