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1. Each of you, in turn, should present your article to the other group members. Describe the article and explain how this might make a good project idea.
Basically, this article summarizes a tragedy happened in Rutgers University in February 1988. James Callahan, a 19-year-old freshman, died from alcohol abuse after attending a fraternity party. The whole university was in mourning and the authority had to suspend all social activities planned by fraternity and sonority. However, Callahan’s death did not stop the growing trend of alcohol abuse. One of the students who knew his death was still planning a party for next weekend. Many students did not believe this kind of tragedy would happen to them.
This article could be a basis for a good
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Elect a group leader. This person does not have to be the one whose article was chosen, but he or she should present your ideas to the class.
My idea is searching solutions or programs created by other universities who experienced the similar situation before. We can see if these solutions work from the data provided by other universities. Then those effective and efficient paradigms could be selected for solving the alcohol problem in Rutgers.
4. Once you have elected a group leader, begin developing a project data based upon the article and on your own general knowledge. Obviously, to develop a strong project you would have to do a significant amount of research, but do the best you can with the information provided in the article. Use the following questions as a guide to discussion:
• Patron. Who might fund your idea? Why would they fund it?
Rutgers University would fund my idea since this project would directly benefit its students, enhance its reputation and decrease the numbers of accidents caused by drinking abuse.

• Population. Who is affected by this problem? What specific population will your project serve?
The whole Rutgers community is negatively affected by this problem. My project will mainly serve to students and help them understand the dangers of
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The research about drug, alcohol, psychology, human behavior and students’ social life would help to conduct this project.

• Plan. How might you address the problem you have identified? What is your plan of action? Who will carry out this plan?
I will address the problem based on the data or specific cases from relevant research or studies conducted by Rutgers. The plan is basically following the policies on alcohol and drug of Columbia University and then making some necessary modifications based on the circumstances and situations of Rutgers.

• Price. What resources or assistance will you need? How much do you think your project might cost?
The main resources this project require is labor. Specifically, more supervisors are needed to oversee the fraternity, sonority and other student organizations in Rutgers. And responsible and reliable professor can supervise one student organization at most. According to Certified Training Solutions, the cost of drug and alcohol training for supervisors and employer representatives would be about 30 dollars per person. Thus, the total cost should depend on the number of student organizations in

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